actual princess (✿◠‿◠)

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I love the werewolf!Danny headcanon, so here are a few of my random thoughts:

  • She was turned while on a camping trip far from home. It didn’t manifest immediately, so she was rushed to a hospital and then back across the country to her parents. When the first full moon appeared, she had no idea…


Danny: *jumps in heroically to save tiny gay* 

Carmilla: *yanks tall gay up by the throat*

Carmilla: Interrupt me again and I will pluck out your ribcage and use it to build a xylophone.

Laura: *confused, scared, slightly aroused*


You wanna know how team redhead caught Carmilla?

They did it gingerly


i’m actually really upset with the carmilla fandom because apparently there is a nasty ship war going on

no guys

come here

i have the solution

it’s called an ot3 and it’s possibly the greatest thing

Danny and Carmilla being super protective over Laura

Carmilla and Danny in heated debates


current mood: distracted by the thought of Danny’s summer sunburns

Carmilla really brings out the dick in Danny.

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“I was hiding under your porch because I love you.”

Danny to Laura, episode 18 (via incorrectcarmillaquotes)


This show is not leaving me alone and I have a paper to write.

Carmilla fan art. (Perry’s doing first-aid with the most absorbent dressing on hand, Laura’s got garlic and a spatula and isn’t on Top Chef). 

team redhead band au:


danny on drums

lafontaine on bass

perry hardcore r a p p e r